Lyme and Hair Loss

Oh, I forgot to mention that lyme disease can also cause you to lose your hair. I had a big problem with it when I was on my first treatment and had to get a special haircut to try to make my hair look fuller. It was ugly. I am losing it a little bit again, but not as bad. That’s another reason I have to keep my hair a little shorter because I lose more the longer it is. Mom found out in her research that you have to eat more protein, so I have to start trying to do that again. As a semi-vegetarian (no red meat and minimal chicken), I don’t get a whole lot of protein, plus I prefer cookies. I really do, I love cookies. I repeat that excessively, but I eat them excessively too. Maybe my new doctor can help me grow hair. Chiropractor and neurologist that he is. And hopefully he can help my fatigue and my nerve pain (which hasn’t been too bad- thank you neurontin) and my depression and my brain degeneration and and and. He really has his work cut out for him! Ha, I’ll make him really earn his money.

And in dog news, my other dumb dog, Tankie, had a rough night last night because my dogs can’t stay healthy for 5 minutes. He was squinting his eye so I took him in and lo and behold he had a conjunctivitis (an eye irritation) and had to get a shot behind his eye, then he broke his toenail on the icy snow and had to get the whole toenail removed and wear a bright yellow bootie as a bandage, and he also had a bath. Poor Tankie. He is now compulsively licking his foot since I took the bandage off and it has started to bleed so he is banished to the garage while Moosie rests comfortably by the wood stove. And Rebel is pouting for some reason. I LOVE DOGS.

Poor Tank. For oh so many reasons...

About Jeni Smoker

I am a 30 year old "Lymie" dealing with chronic lyme disease and all of the crappy problems that come with it. Although I am not entirely optimistic about dealing with Lyme, I am honest and hope to at least be relatable to other people coping with chronic illnesses. And life.
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One Response to Lyme and Hair Loss

  1. ang says:

    i know the LAST thing you want to do is take more pills on top of all the crap you already take butttttt my hair started falling out from the transition between 10000% humidity and -10000% humidity. so i started taking a combo of gelatin, calcium, and biotin. lo and behold, my hair is back to semi-full form.

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